Hello, and Welcome.

If you have grey in your temples. If your back aches after sitting in a chair all day for virtual-office work. If your glasses now have glasses due to screen time overload. If your knees make funny noises. If you can’t stand back up after kneeling without making a grunting noise.

I understand. I am right there with you.

I have grey hairs. I’ve lived the desk life. I have progressive lenses in my glasses. My knees sometimes click like angry maracas. I often yearn for younger days when I accidentally drop something in the kitchen.

Our age and life experiences may define us, but they do not limit us.

Sure, we aren’t 25 anymore. That doesn’t mean we can’t do the things we want to do. We can hike, climb and explore. We can run and play with our kids, or grandkids. We can ride our bikes through the mountains. We aren’t done. Not yet.

About Me.

I’m Paul Wallace. I started my fitness journey in the mid-2000’s. I’ve gone through dramatic personal weight loss then triathlon racing as an age-group athlete and THEN Full-time studies at NAIT to study Anatomy, Physiology, Aerobic Systems, and Functional Movement.

I’m a certified and Insured Personal Trainer with a myriad of certifications (CSEP-CPT, NASM-CES, NCCP Triathlon, TRX, and more) that enable me to work with all age populations at myriad levels of fitness and health using a variety of equipment as well as people with Parkinsons Disease. Questions? Drop me an email here.

My training style is “Exercise and Educate…via Sarcasm”. I will never give you an exercise you cannot do, but it won’t always be easy. I firmly believe, “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you” and science backs me up on that one. 🙂

I also have a dog/horse. Mr. Darcy is a Standard Poodle.

The 6 Month Project.

During the summer of 2021 I renovated half of a double garage in Rundle Heights into a fully functional and private 1-1 training studio to better meet my clients’ needs and facilitate access to equipment when needed.

The Silvertop Strength Studio is; heated, cooled, fully wheelchair accessible, and has everything we need to help you keep moving and living your best life.

< Click this text for a photo/video diary of the entire process. >

Get in touch with me for a no-obligation ‘goals’ consultation and training studio tour.

What I can do for you.

Personal Fitness Training

1-1 Personal Fitness Training. I fully customize your program based on the goals we develop together. Help get your body moving smoothly and with strength. Whether it is overall fitness or a specific training goal we will work together to make it happen. I have the utmost confidence that I can help you to reach your goals.

1-5 Sessions    $75/Session
12 Sessions         $70/Session
24 Sessions         $65/Session
If finances are tight, I understand. Drop me a line and we can discuss my sliding-scale pricing model to get you moving!

Personalized Online-Programming

Customized to your current physical abilities and periodized to grow your strength, movement abilities, and confidence in your body. You will be sent your initial program via email. We will then meet on zoom to review progress and show you the next level of exercises. Access to me by email and text is also included.

Personalized Online-Only Programming          $65 Bi-weekly
Weekly Zoom Session + Programming          $185 Bi-weekly
Bi-Weekly Zoom Session + Programming     $150 Bi-weekly

If finances are tight, I understand. Drop me a line and we can discuss my sliding-scale pricing model to get you moving!

Parkinsons Disease Support and Movement Program

A custom program designed just for you to meet your exact needs as you work with your diagnosis and its impacts on your life and health. Your program will include full-body compound exercises as well as stretches and extension movements to help keep you limber and active. Science has shown that raising your heart rate regularly can help slow the progression of the disease so let’s build you a plan!

1-5 Sessions    $70/Session
12 Sessions         $65/Session
24 Sessions         $60/Session

Are you a Parkinson Association Member in good standing? Contact me for an additional discount on your training costs. 🙂
If finances are tight, I understand. Drop me a line and we can discuss my sliding-scale pricing model to get you moving!