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If you have grey in your temples. If your back aches after sitting in a chair all day for virtual-office work. If your glasses now have glasses due to screen time overload. If your knees make funny noises. If you can’t stand back up after kneeling without making a grunting noise.

I understand.

I have grey hair. I’ve lived the desk life. I have progressive lenses in my glasses. My knees sometimes click like angry maracas. I often exhale and yearn for younger days when I drop something in the kitchen.

Our age and life experiences may define us, but in no way do they limit us.

Sure, we aren’t 25 anymore. That doesn’t mean we can’t do the things we want to do. We can hike, climb and play. We can run and play with our grandkids. We can ride our bikes through the mountains. We aren’t done. None of us.

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